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Who is The Food Kooky?

Hello, I am Lili and I am The Food Kooky.

I am a recipe developer, nutritionist, photographer and a mom. I’m also a brand-new blogger.

I was born in Bulgaria. I moved to America nine years ago, because I was in love. Yes, I was so in love with my husband that I’ve crossed oceans and continents to be with him. By the way I still feel the same way and I don’t have any regrets about marring him. We also have a child together.

Coming to America was a brand-new start for me. I decided that the best plan of action was to go to college. My biggest passions in life are cooking, nutrition and photography. When I came to the US I already had more than three years of professional photography experience. I also had a diploma from a special cooking high school, so I decided that I needed to learn more about nutrition. Therefore, I got a Bachelor in Dietetics from LSU. I had a pretty good GPA, but I decided that I don’t want to be a Registered Dietitian. My main reason for that is that I don’t agree with the current USDA nutrition recommendations.

Why I Named my Site Like That?

My husband actually came up with the name for this blog. Ever since we started dating he calls me kooky. When I was younger, I used to call my mom kooky one and my dad kooky two. In my family we showed our love by joking and thinking of funny names for each other. When I met my husband, he joined the game of nicknaming pretty fast. He said that if my parents are kooky one and kooky two, I should also be called kooky.  Ever since that day he calls me kooky.

My Philosophy

Home-cooked meals were always the norm in our home. I love shopping for groceries and creating recipes. When I was a child my mom did most of the cooking and she taught me how to follow a recipe. She often left notes for me on how to start dinner.

 My dad loved to bake bread and he was responsible for the preparation of most deserts. He was always in a good mood when he was in the kitchen. I remember him constantly whistling while he was kneading the dough. I loved being right next to him when he was baking and non-stop asking questions about every step of the recipe. His answers were always funny and never to the point. He showed me that the recipe doesn’t matter as much. If you unleash your imagination you can create wonders. Both of my parents created a special bond with me through cooking and I will always be grateful for it.

What kind of recipes can you find on my blog?

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I firmly believe that food can heal the body and the soul. Eating home cooked meals and whole foods helped me lose weight and to cure my constant heartburn. I cook everything from scratch, and I avoid processed foods with unknown ingredients. I follow a simple rule. If I don’t know what it is or how to pronounce it, I don’t eat it. I believe that life is short, and we should enjoy everything in moderation.

In this blog you can find recipes that I cook at my home for my family and friends. I’m also going to give nutrition and shopping advice. I can’t wait to tell you all my secrets.