Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta (Gluten Free)

Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta (Gluten Free)

These shrimp lettuce cups sound like something I would love to order from a restaurant near the Mediterranean Sea. I would have a glass of white wine with that meal and admire the sunset with every bite. This is exactly what I was envisioning while I was creating this recipe. The flavors remind me of Greek salad, with lemony, herby dressing and a side of shrimp. The recipe is fast and easy to prepare, and it tastes absolutely delicious.

Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta

Why should you make this recipe?

The focus of my blog is to share with you nutritious and delicious recipes that you can prepare at home with minimum effort. I think that this recipe fits these criteria.

The shrimp lettuce cups are so tasty and provide the body with great nutrition. There are so many valuable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential amino acids in this meal. The recipe is an excellent source of protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

These lettuce cups are also ready to eat in just thirty minutes. Most of the ingredients are raw and don’t need any cooking. The shrimp cooks in 5 minutes or less.

The recipe is also grain and gluten free. This makes it perfect for those of you who have gluten allergy or intolerance. Diabetics can also enjoy this recipe since it is low in carbs and high in monounsaturated fats.

Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta

Helpful tips

For this recipe I use jumbo shrimp, which is about 16/20 shrimps per pound. You can use any shrimp that you like, but make sure to reduce the cooking time for smaller shrimp.

Most shrimp cooks in seconds. I usually cook it for about 30 seconds per side (depending on the size). The easiest way to know if your shrimp is cooked is to watch its color and texture. The color turns from gray to pink. Also, the texture changes from translucent to solid.

I use a mix of fresh oregano, basil, and parsley to make the dressing. I understand that not everyone has a fresh herb garden like me, but I recommend using fresh rather than dry herbs for this recipe. It makes such a difference.

To make the dressing you can use a smoothie maker or immersion blender. If you don’t have any suitable appliance, you can chop the herbs and the garlic very finely and combine them with the rest of the ingredients.

I prefer to use cow feta in brine. This is my favorite type of feta, because it is creamy and milder in taste. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find. I buy it from an international store, or I order it online. You can use whatever feta you have and like. I don’t recommend using feta that is already crumbled, because it has additives and anti-caking agents.

To make this recipe more heart healthy don’t add the feta.

You are in control of the salt in this recipe, because you know your own preference. I decided that since there are olives and feta in this recipe it is very hard to tell how much salt you are going to need. Also, different brands of salt have different levels of saltiness.

Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta

Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta

Prep Time25 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Keyword: cherry tomato, cucumber, feta, gluten free, Greek, herbs, lemon, low carb, Mediterranean, olive oil, onion, shrimp
Servings: 3


  • lb raw, peeled, deveined shrimp I used jumbo 16/20
  • 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes
  • 1 cup seedless cucumber I used 2 small
  • ¼ cup thinly sliced red onion
  • ¼ cup sliced black olives
  • lettuce of choice
  • crumbled feta cheese

For the dressing

  • 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • the zest from one lemon
  • 1 garlic clove pressed
  • 1 cup mixed fresh herbs Basil, oregano and parsley
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Start by peeling and deveining the shrimp. Then preheat a cast iron pan to medium high, add a tablespoon of olive oil in it and cook the shrimp for about 30 seconds per side (depending on size). The shrimp should be pink and no longer translucent. Remove the cooked shrimp in a bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste.
    Cooked shrimp in cast iron pan
  • While the shrimp cools off cut the seedless cucumbers, olives and red onions to thin slices and cherry tomatoes in half.
    Shrimp and veggies in a bowl
  • Then prepare the dressing. Add the olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, herbs and salt in a blender and blend until smooth.
    Pouring dressing over the veggies and shrimp
  • In a bowl combine the cooked shrimp, the sliced vegetables and the dressing. Stir until everything is combined.
    veggies and shrimp combined with the dressing
  • One by one remove the individual leaves of the lettuce and wash them well.
  • Fill them with the shrimp and veggie mixture and top with crumbled feta.
    Crumbling feta on top of the lettuce cups
  • Serve and consume immediately.
Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Vegetables and Feta

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